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Anne E. Carpenter

Anne E. Carpenter, Ph.D.

Anne Carpenter is the director of the Imaging Platform at the Broad Institute. She has a strong background in cell biology, microscopy, and computational biology. Her expertise is in developing and applying methods for extracting quantitative information from biological images, especially in a high-throughput manner.

Carpenter directs a team of biologists and computer scientists in developing image analysis and data exploration methods and software that are open source and freely available to the public. She and her team developed and released CellProfiler, the first open-source, high-throughput cell image analysis software. She collaborates with dozens of biomedical research groups around the world to develop and apply image analysis methods to diverse biological questions. Her team works across many of the Broad’s programs and platforms to help identify disease states, therapeutic potential, and gene function from microscopy images.

Carpenter received the NSF CAREER award in 2012, and has received recognition and research funding from numerous other groups including the NIH, the Human Frontiers in Science program, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. She was named Young Leader of the French-American Foundation, and elected fellow of the Massachusetts Academy of Sciences. She was featured in a public television special, “Bold Visions: Women in Science & Technology,” and named a “Rising Young Investigator” by Genome Technology magazine. CellProfiler was awarded the Best Practices Award by Bio-IT World in 2009.

Carpenter earned her B.S. from Purdue University and her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She studied with David M. Sabatini of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and Polina Golland at the Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

September 2012