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Center for the Development of Therapeutics (CDoT)

CDoT works closely with the Chemical Biology and Therapeutics Sciences (CBTS) program to implement new technologies and enable new paradigms in drug discovery. However, CDoT's role goes beyond implementation to applying new technologies to solve critical problems in the drug discovery process. CDoT partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to apply these approaches and to collaboratively discover and develop therapeutics. Most CDoT project teams are composed of scientists working simultaneously at the Broad and at a partnering company.

Finally, CDoT is based on the principle that drug discovery must be grounded in a deep appreciation and understanding of human biology. The center's drug discovery projects are therefore developed and executed in close partnership with Broad faculty who typically don't have drug discovery experience, but bring an extensive understanding of the underlying genetics, molecular targets, and pathways. These biology-driven projects span multiple disease areas, including cancer, cardiovascular diseaseinfectious diseasepsychiatric disease, and autoimmune disorders.